The End of Irony

by Captain Ahab

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Stefan Frederic Walz
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Stefan Frederic Walz this album totally convinced me of Captain Ahab's awesomeness.. I started as a naysayer and I left as a believer. Favorite track: I Don't Have a Dick.
Panoramica thumbnail
Panoramica I've always loved the energy of Rave and Jungle, so I took notice when these guys played an unrelenting set at Camp a Low Hum 2011. Of course with Hi-NRG there's also the risk of cheese, but when heard live the crowd energy seems to take over letting these guys shine, plus there's always the distraction of the guy in his undies..
As for favourite tracks, I'm a bit bummed that I couldn't find what I was looking for in this release, the closing track from their CALH 2011 after-party gig..
RDM thumbnail
RDM one of the more inspirational albums i've heard as a musician. ahab does things with rave, disco, techno, and noise music that nobody else has - or likely will.
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released April 6, 2010



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Captain Ahab Los Angeles

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Track Name: Acting Hard
We are all starving
In the middle of the desert
Show us your mercy we plead
We all are drowning
In the middle of the ocean
Show us your mercy we plead
We are all dying
Without your blessing
Show us your mercy we plead
We are all calling
To the heavens in sorrow
Show us your mercy we plead

The beat

I gave you everything that you could ever ask for
But you never motherfucking know what you want
There's a limit to what I can do
Even though I'm not flesh and blood like you

Your god is dead, but I am alive.
Track Name: Was Love
The sun is rising,
it's the end of the last night.
The dawn is breaking us
into pieces of you and me.
If this is what you truly desire,
I'll do what I can to help you.
But as you gather your records,
your books, and your clothes;
I'll try to remind you:
That all this time,
the only thing I've wanted to teach you ...
Was Love

You carried me on your shoulders,
never let me fall.
You screamed in my face with a passion
that humbled me.
I thought I was singing a song of peace,
but I started a war.
And now as I suffer before your anger,
please try to realize
that all my life,
the only thing I wanted to teach you ...
Was Love

Was love the reason that everything fell apart?
Or were you and I the ones to blame?
No matter the cause,
the only thing I wanted to teach you ...
Was Love

We stand together at the edge of time.
Blame is meaningless.
Life was meaningless.
The only thing that ever existed ...
(was love)